Montana Creek Wetlands

JUNEAU  |  127.77 ACRES  |  CONSERVED IN 2014

SEAL Trust purchased the Montana Creek Wetlands property from Juneau Youth Services in 2014, and now holds the fee-simple title. Up until that point, JYS used the land for their outdoor education programs and garden. Historically, the land has also been used for berry picking, scientific research, cross-country skiing/snowshoeing, fishing, plant harvest, educational trips, and hiking.

Conservation Values

  • Protects high value pristine palustrine wetlands
  • Wildlife habitat corridor
  • Bird nesting and migratory bird habitat
  • Flood protection
  • Rare open space the property provides in the Mendenhall Valley

Ecological Value & Public Benefit

  • High proportion of perennial wetlands providing flood storage
  • Interspersion of wetland channels through wetlands
  • Utilization by juvenile salmon and resident fish
  • Provides bear and deer movement corridor
  • Provides opportunity for contiguous stream corridor integrity

Because of the potential damage to vegetation and disturbance to wildlife, camping and campfires are prohibited unless located in the pre-existing camp area and with SEAL Trust’s permission. Also, mountain biking and off-road motorized vehicles are prohibited.