About Us

Our Mission
The Southeast Alaska Land Trust cooperates with communities, landowners, and others to ensure that habitat, recreation, open space, and historic areas remain in place for the well-being of each generation.

Our Vision
As our region prospers, its ecosystems, wildlife corridors, and watersheds, will maintain their natural productivity and richness. The timeless, natural legacy of our land will be experienced by each generation of Southeast Alaskans.

We will continue to live in contact with nature, since conserving high-valued natural areas, and providing access to them, is part of our culture. The general public and private landowners understand conservation. They work individually or in partnerships to conserve highly valued natural areas.

Our People
Board of Directors
Alex Wertheimer – President
Brock Tabor – Vice President
Nancy Waterman – Secretary
Jay Nelson – Treasurer
Anne Carpeneti
Aleria Jensen
Frank Rue
Jan Rutherdale
Carole Triem

Allison Gillum – Executive Director
Krista Garrett – Conservation Specialist
Amanda Pilley – Conservation Assistant

Our History
In 1995, Sam Skaggs, a resident of Juneau, envisioned a non-profit, community organization that would help land owners in Southeast Alaska take actions to ensure that the natural values of their lands remain in place.

With this vision and the support of a half dozen volunteers, Deborah Marshall established the Southeast Alaska Land Trust as a member supported, nonprofit 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization on September 18, 1995.

The Southeast Alaska Land Trust signed and recorded its first conservation easement in December of 1998. Today we own 18 properties and steward 15 conservation easements plus one deed restriction on nearly 3,500 acres of lands (see Lands we Steward).

How We Work
We work to conserve our region’s vital natural habitat, recreation, open space, and historic areas by:

• Acquiring land or conservation easements;
• Stewarding and managing land or conservation easements;
• Creating partnerships with communities, landowners, agencies, and organizations; and
• Providing community outreach programs that encourage people to connect with the outdoors and our land conservation mission.

Our Process
The Land Trust is a sponsoring member of the national Land Trust Alliance and is an Accredited Land Trust with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. Accreditation certifies that our practices meet national standards for excellence, uphold the public trust, and ensure that conservation efforts are permanent.