Former Board of Directors

Since the founding of the Southeast Alaska Land Trust in 1995, the organization has been guided by a Board of Directors composed of community-minded individuals from a broad spectrum of background and expertise. The land trust can only succeed with the dedication and commitment of such people who are willing to volunteer their time to further our mission. We are always looking for people with the energy and expertise to make a difference in our organization. If you have specific skills to share, have a passion for an issue or a program, or wish to contribute a fresh perspective, then consider becoming a Board Member. If you are interested in joining our Board, please contact us at (907) 586-3100 or

Former Board of Directors
Jan Conitz
Andrea Doll
Skip Elliott
Kirk Flanders – Founding Board Member, 1995
Mike Grummett – President, 2004
Pat Harris – President, 1999 – 2003
Clayton Hawkes
Michael Hekkers
Cristi Herren
Katharine Heumann
Mary Irvine
Aleria Jensen
Adelaide (Di) Johnson
Cynthia Johnson
Jim King
Ann Kinter
Dave Koester
Melinda Lamb
Craig Lindh
Deb Marshall – Founding Board Member, President 1995 – 1998
Mike Mauseth – President 2013 – 2014
Diane Mayer
Steve Moseley
Roman Motyka
Jim Powell
Frank Rue – President 2005 – June 2011
Jan Rutherdale
Sally Ryan
Judy Sherburne
Kim Smith
Tom Stewart
Reed Stoops
Tony Strong
Jon Tillinghast – President, July 2011 – 2013
Bart Watson – Founding Board Member, 1995
Lisa Weissler