Southeast Alaska Land Trust
Stewarding Lands You Cherish

What is a Land Trust?

Throughout the United States over 1,200 private, non-profit land trusts have been working with communities and landowners to retain the unique attributes of places they cherish. Since the first land trust was founded over a century ago more than 6.2 million acres (an area twice the size of Connecticut) of valuable wildlife habitat, farmland, wetland, urban parks, trails, and other open space has been set up for each generation to cherish.

Today, land trusts, like the Southeast Alaska Land Trust, are working with private land owners and others to protect the places that make our communities and neighborhoods unique.

Local and regional land trusts are uniquely structured non-profit charitable organizations with a mission to conserve land for its ecological, historical, scenic, recreational, and agricultural values. They accomplish this through a direct involvement in land transactions and management. Often the land trust accepts the donation of a conservation easement, but they can also purchase or accept donations of land, or manage land owned by others. In addition, a land trust also can serve landowners by advising them on how to best steward land they cherish.

A land trust provides many services and can tailor a strategy that meets the conservation and financial needs of the landowner. For example, the land trust might own the property or hold certain land use rights (such as development, timber harvest, and so on) through the donation of a conservation easement. Under some circumstances the landowner might benefit from the reduction of federal and local taxes. After full or partial land rights are conveyed to a land trust, the organization immediately assumes the stewardship responsibilities of protected lands.

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