Baker Lot D

Photo courtesy of Bruce Baker.

Generations of boaters have known Tee Harbor both as a protected place to anchor or dock a boat and for its scenic balance between a modest degree of human settlement and natural, undeveloped shoreline. It was a desire to help maintain this balance that encouraged Bruce Baker to protect the conservation values of his Lot D on Point Stephens, the peninsula which forms the west side of the harbor’s south cove. 

The property’s adjacency to the City & Borough of Juneau’s 55-acre Point Stephens Natural Area Park to the west contribute to habitat connectivity across the peninsula. The property provides habitat for bald eagle perching and nesting, upland habitat for other bird species including northern goshawks and owls, shoreline habitat for great blue herons and belted kingfishers, as well as periodic denning by river otters and mink, and habitat for black bears, Sitka black-tailed deer, and an occasional coyote.

“Since my late wife June and I purchased this 4.5-acre Tee Harbor property in 1990, I’ve wanted to permanently protect its wildlife habitat and scenic values. With the help of the Southeast Alaska Land Trust, I have been able to make that vision a reality. By working together, we have been able to achieve both my purposes and those of the land trust.”

– Bruce Baker, August 8, 2019

Photo courtesy of Bruce Baker.