Tour Seal Trust Properties in Google Earth

SEAL Trust currently holds 15 Conservation Easements, one Deed Restriction, and owns 15 Fee-Simple conservation properties throughout Southeast Alaska. These properties total 3,462 acres of protected land in Southeast Alaska.

The map below illustrates where SEAL Trust’s property interests are located in the region.

Properties and Conservation Easements as of July 2016

Properties and Conservation Easements as of August 2016

Explore all of SEAL Trust’s easements through Google Earth! Each property in the Google Earth file below has information on its boundaries, its public access, and its conservation values. Did you know, for example, that our remote Kake Gunnuk Creek easements were established by Congress to protect Kake’s water supply? Or that our Sitka Crescent Bay easement provides coastal access as well as protection for anadromous fish?

Take a tour through Southeast Alaska and learn what SEAL Trust is doing to protect the lands you cherish!

Download the Google Earth file at

Note that if you don’t already have Google Earth you will need to download it from here free: