Now until June 5 – Seventh Annual Wild for Conservation 5K Virtual Race

Juneau’s original Virtual Race!

Registration is open and will remain open through June 5.

Here’s the deal:

Due to that virus which shall not be named, we had to cancel the on-location component of our annual Wild for Conservation 5K this year. This is still great news for introverts, people with dogs, and our hard-core, we-don’t-stop-for-rain-bears-or-invisible-things-running friends, because we have always, since our first ever Wild for Conservation 5K, had a backup plan in place in case folks tried to give us excuses as to why they couldn’t run with us on race day (no one gets out of running with us very easily), and now our Plan B has turned into our Plan A: run the race entirely as a virtual race! Yeah! Who’s with us?

Here’s how it works:

You commit to running (or walking – no judgment here) a 5K, and then you recruit 5 of your best friends to do it with you. Then you all get together (but stay apart) and sometime between now and June 5, you each (at a distance) log a 5K. You submit your results and then we give you props (sorry, did you think we were going to say that you get a finisher’s medal? #BlingIsBadForTheEnvironment HOWEVER, for the first 25 people to register, we DO have snazzy commemorative pint glasses that we will either mail to you or let you pick up in person (eventually). Don’t worry, we’ll keep track. Also, did we mention that this is a Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Cup (NAOC) race? No? Well, now you know.

Kids can participate, too!

Do you find yourself at home with pesky but lovable miniature people? Looking for something for them to do? Well, great news! You can bring your sticky little friends along with you on your 5K!

FYI, we don’t have a kids rate for this race (sorry parents). Also, if you want them to be officially entered, you’ll have to register them separately (our attorney tells us that everyone has to have their own waiver). We just do what we’re told.

No dog will ever be turned away. Ever.

I do not think that we can overstate how much we love dogs at the Southeast Alaska Land Trust. We are obsessed. Also, the Wild for Conservation 5K has ALWAYS been run with our favorite pups trotting by our sides. This is the way it has always been and the way it will always be, so please, bring your dog with you on your 5K (and send pictures, lots and lots of pictures). There is no registration fee for your dog. This is just one example of how much we love dogs.

Cats are okay, too.

*Photo not of actual swag. However, the swag in question looks pretty close to this one. Sorry. Maybe we’ll get a current photo before the race is over.

You know you want that swag!

What WOULDN’T you do for some swag? (Please keep to yourself). Participants in the Wild for Conservation 5K will receive a unique (only 25 available this year!) commemorative, one-of-a-kind, vessel especially built to hold your most favorite libations. This pint glass features a custom designed image of a lone runner (we promise that this is a coincidence – the image of a person running alone has been the same every year) making her way down a trail with majestic scenery in the background. Possession of one of these pint glasses is a subtle indication to guests at your house that you belong to an elite group of people – those who completed the Wild for Conservation 5K!

Frequently Asked Questions
(and answers)

Does this race count towards the Nugget Alaskan Outfitter Cup (NAOC) race?

How far is a 5K?
We get it. Americans can’t handle the metric system. Let us help you out. K stands for Kilometers. Five kilometers is equal to 3.1 miles. In Alaska terms this is equivalent to the wing spans of 2,344 Bald Eagles, the length of 8,202 King Salmons, or the length of 364 Humpback Whales.

Do I have to run the 5K all at once, or can I spread it out over several days, say 1 mile for three days?
We are fine with this. However you can get there, my friend!

What if live in Ushuaia? Or somewhere outside of Juneau? Can I participate?

How much does it cost to enter this thing?
Entry fee is $20 per person. Dogs run for free because they’re the best and we don’t deserve them.

Does my race entry fee benefit a charity?
Yes! Proceeds from this race will go to Southeast Alaska Land Trust and will be used for land conservation throughout Southeast Alaska.

What happens after I register?
Once you register and pay, we’ll e-mail you a race bib to print out and wear while you’re racing. You decide the day and time, and the best part is that you get first place!

Can kids participate?
Once again, for those in the back – of course they can! We encourage as much movement from our little’s as possible. Just remember that if you want them to be officially entered, you will need to fill out a separate registration form with a waiver.

So, when do we run, exactly?
Any time between now and the end of the day on June 5, and not one day later. Unless you want to. But if you wait until after June 5 to run, your time won’t count toward the 2021 race.

How do you know if I’ve actually completed the 5K?
We’d love it if you’d post a fun running or walking photo of you and your 4-legged friend on our Wild for Conservation 5K Facebook page. Please include a time, GPS map of your race route, or other link to “prove” the 5K. You can also send us an email at to let us know you’ve completed the 5K. Finishers who post a photo on the Wild for Conservation 5K Facebook page will be entered into a drawing for one of the race pint glasses!

There’s just this one thing

We need to talk about proper running technique: advice from people who know a whole lot more than we do

First, we do not hold anything against folks who want to get married, or who want to run in big-ol’ boots carrying a gigantic floral bouquet while holding hands. You do you.

Except right now. Unless you live with the person, that’s cool. But you may have heard that, thanks to the virus-that-shall-not-be-named, the general recommendation is that you fly solo down this gravy train. Or at least you fly 6+ feet away from your running partner. Got it? Any questions? 

How to Run by Yourself in Scenic Locations: A Visual Guide

Got questions?
We’ve got answers!

The very best way to get ahold of us right now is to send us an email at this address:

You can call, but probably no one will be there and if you leave a message, we probably won’t be able to help you until the next day. Just being honest. (907) 586-3100

Thank you to the Juneau Trail and Road Runners!
If it weren’t for them, we would not have been able to host the Wild for Conservation 5K all these years.