March 16 – Juneau’s Hidden History & the Lost Rocker Mine with Brian Weed

Brian and friends peering into a mine shaft. Photo courtesy of Brian Weed.

Brian Weed presents:

Juneau’s Hidden History and the Lost Rocker Mine

Come spend an evening with the Southeast Alaska Land Trust and Brian Weed as he introduces Alaska’s largest hiking group: Juneau’s Hidden History, and guides us on a tour of the Lost Rocker Mine. Brian will weave a tale of fact, fiction, and rumors surrounding the mine. We’ll learn about Fred Culver and his legendary gold strike, and the quest to rediscover the lost location of the strike. You won’t want to miss this one!

  • DATE: Saturday, March 16
  • TIME: 7:00pm
  • LOCATION: UAS Egan Lecture Hall, Juneau
  • COST: $20 suggested donation

Seating will be limited – please plan to arrive early!

This is a fundraiser benefiting the Southeast Alaska Land Trust. Thank you for your support!

A dog named Kat taking in the view. Photo courtesy of Brian Weed.

About Brian:

Brian Weed is a local historian, low light photographer, and the proud owner of a dog named Kat. Brian was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska. He attempted to leave several times for various jobs, but always found his way home. As a curious 10-year-old, he often explored the Treadwell area, on Douglas Island. Brian entered his first mine tunnel at age 12, using a lighter and a small flashlight. He is now an Alaskan explorer, amateur geologist, spelunker, and local historian. He is also the co-founder of the largest hiking club in Alaska, Juneau’s Hidden History. Brian has explored old ghost towns, forgotten historic places, and hundreds of mines all over Alaska and the west coast of the United States.

Portrait of Brian Weed, courtesy of Brian Weed.