Southeast Alaska Land Trust
Stewarding Lands You Cherish

Criteria for Accepting Conservation Easements

1. Property Location
The property must be located in Southeast Alaska, the service area of this land trust.

2. Consistency with the Southeast Alaska Land Trust Goals
To be of significant public benefit, the property must have one or more of the following conservation values:

  • Includes important fish, wildlife, or vegetative habitat or other ecological values. (e.g. The property contains a rare or endangered species or communities or contains critical habitat for one or more species.)
  • Borders or affects the integrity of a sensitive or ecologically important marine area, wetland river, stream, or creek.
  • Contains significant cultural or historic values.
  • Contains significant education, recreational or scientific values.
  • Is Adjacent to existing protected areas such as state and national parks, wildlife refuges, or lands under conservation easements.
  • Preserves open space for the scenic enjoyment of the public (includes urban open space).

3. Property Size
the property is of sufficient size and character that its conservation resources are likely to remain intact, even if adjacent properties are developed.

4. Factors that may preclude Southeast Alaska Land Trust involvement with a property:
A property may meet our selection criteria and be well worth managing, but the Trust may decide not to pursue a proposed project if:

  • The conservation easement would be unusually hard to enforce.
  • The property is small, and there is little likelihood of adjacent lands being protected.
  • Stewardship funds are not available.
  • The land owner insists on provisions in the easement that would diminish the conservation value of the property.

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